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My Final University film - Imaginary. 

Recipient of the Special Mention Award - Hertfordshire Animation Expose 2020

I had the pleasure of designing some backgrounds and assets for this heart-warming Sesame Street short that explores what a walk can do for our minds and bodies.

Responsible for; Background Design + Paint + BG Asset Design 

I created several backgrounds for episodes 4 + 5 of Connections Matter; a very important series by Connect Our Kids. It creates an emphatic and informative look at trauma, mental health and how to navigate emotions. It was a lovely opportunity to create work for a show with such an important message. 

Responsible for; Background Design + Paint

I was asked to create a 2D Animation + explainer for Job Oppo to explain their company mechanisms and ethos but also the emotional difficulty of transitioning from active military service to civilian life. 

Responsible for; Animation, Storyboard

Additional Animation, Character Design and Editing by Tobias Trangmar

I was asked to create the animated chapters of Design Science's 40 Years celebration video of the MPS Society. 

It's a incredibly touching, informative video about how the charity has evolved and how it strives to increase awareness and support for those with MPS and their families. 

Responsible for; After Effects Animation
Illustration by; Emma McGowan  |  Storyboard by; Anne Odling-Smee

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